Hump Day, Action Day in Flushing Queens

by missbabysunshine

I know I mentioned that my blog is about cooking healthy meals at home… BUT we couldn’t resist. It’s HUMP DAY after all!

We went all the way to Flushing, Queens to have this LIVE OCTOPUS hot pot! (check out the image on the bottom Right corner.)

This hot pot is FULL of fresh seafood–SO FRESH that the Octopus and Lobster is still MOVING~~ If you are easily grossed out, this might not be a place for you.

If you are EVER in the neighborhood… or heck, take LIRR from the city! (That’s what I did.) GO CHECK IT OUT!

Sik Gaek (Korean Cuisine) 16129 Crocheron Ave. Flushing, NY 11358

Photos by Jordi Adiao

Moving Live Octopus Dish, Korean Style~