Trying out New Ingredients

by missbabysunshine

Few years ago, I had this FANTASTIC vegetable called Spaghetti Squash for the first time at one of Chef Jean George’s Restaurant, Perry St in NYC. They made the squash in to this savory baked squares. YUM! I haven’t encountered this vegetable since and guess what!!! I found it at my local grocery store in New Jersey!! It was already 7:30pm on Monday and I knew this squash had to be baked once before I can use them. BUT I had to get it!! I didn’t have time to double bake, (I don’t like spending more than an hour to make dinner.) so I made low-fat & low-Cholesterol cheesy spaghetti squash. It was so tasty!! Not only it contains many nutrients such as folic acid, potassium, vitamin A and beta carotene, this fantastic vegetable is low in calories!!! I would ABSOLUTELY make this again.

Brussel Sprouts are not so new to me, but I added diced fuji apple and toasted walnuts to this one. My usual brussel sprouts and shallots tasted like Thanksgiving! MUST try this at home!

Main Ingredients: Sea Scallops, Brussel Sprouts and Spaghetti Squash