The Proposal Soup

by missbabysunshine

My fiancé made my favorite soup today. Clam Chowder!! I ❤ clam chowder. This is the soup he made for me when he proposed to me 2 yrs ago. I call it, “The Proposal Soup”. The recipe is from Chef Jamie Oliver’s cook book. He tweaked it a bit by replacing heavy cream with non-fat half&half. Lots of flavor, healthy and WHOLE LOTTA love 🙂

In addition to his soup, I made turkey wrap with baby arugula, pear and non-fat cucumber yogurt sauce. I think turkey and pear is a pair made in heaven~.

I like Chef Jamie Oliver for many reasons… but I found out that he has his own site! and free recipes as well! Here’s the link:

He is also one of the many chefs who believes in healthy eating. He has this campaign called “Ministry of Food” —Ministry of Food is all about getting people cooking again. He wants to show us that anyone can learn to cook – and that it’s fun, cool, can save you money and help you, your family and friends to live a healthier life.—

How exciting right?? I also recommend his cook books. Not only they are easy to follow and delicious, the profit goes to the Fifteen Foundation. This is Jamie’s charity venture where they train people in need of opportunity to be chefs to start a new life for themselves. He started the charity venture risking his whole life savings for what he believed in. It may not sound like a big deal to many, but I’m sure it changed MANY lives and definitely inspired me! I’m a HUGE fan of Jamie Oliver!

proposal soup