Monday Night Dinner

by missbabysunshine

I was away this weekend and yes, I love traveling… but it sucks when all you encounter is fast food on the road. 😦 For example, I tried to have the least heart clogging & fattening food on the menu, and ordered Grilled Turkey sandwich. I also asked the girl if I can have all the condiments on the side & not in the sandwich. (I wanted to avoid mayo drizzled sandwich.)…and What I got on my plate was cold cut turkey sandwich heated, with butter drizzled on the bun. SERIOUSLY?!??! (oh yeah, don’t forget all the fries on the side.) am I being obnoxious about healthy eating? I just could not believe I had to pay for this…

I was CRAVING for less greasy food and fresh crisp vegetables at the end of the trip. Oh how I appreciated being at home to eat home cooked meal… Even though,  I had to cook it myself after LONG day of work.  TOTALLY worth the time and effort!

For salad, I had some shiso leaves, sliced nagaimo (Japanese Yam) and lightly flavored seaweed topped with Umeboshi plum paste. Nagaimo has okra like sliminess, which I love!

I also baked eggplant wrapped, low-fat ground turkey. In the center, I stuffed non-fat mozzarella cheese. I usually mix ground turkey with 1/4 cup of silken tofu. This makes tough dry turkey lighter and moist… and I added some re-hydrated dried fancy mushrooms for more flavor. Dish1: Sliced Japanese Yam, Seaweed and Shiso salad with plum paste  Dish2. Eggplant wrapped Turkey stuffed with non-fat mozarella cheese