Go Yankees! on Hump Day with a rabbit dish!

by missbabysunshine

Today is a BIG day. Yankees are playing to win the World Series and it’s looking good so far! But today is also a Hump Day. Jordi, Mike and I always try to do something eventful on this day to get through our work week. So~~~we opened up a chilled bottle of sake and toasted to Hideki Matsui, since this might just be his last game as a Yankee! To celebrate this exciting event, Mike went out and got us a whole rabbit!! and guess what! I actually have recipes to share with everyone! I made Cilantro Pesto Rice and Braised Rabbit with Apple and Mustard sauce. (Recipes below)
Jordi also made sauteéd (with No Cholesterol fake butter, surprisingly delicious!) rabbit liver and vegetable green coconut curry stew with kabocha pumpkin. YUM~ 😉

Cilantro Pesto Rice
A. Rice
2 cups of Jasmine Rice (rinsed and water drained)
3/4 cups of water
2 cups of unsalted chicken stock
1 pinch of salt
1 bay leaf

*Cook A in a pot or Rice Cooker.
*Make cilantro Pesto while rice is cooking.

B. Cilantro Pesto
1 whole bunch of cilantro (Remove the coarse stems off and chop in 3 before
placing in the food processor. Make sure to rinse all the sand off and dry well.)
3 TBS of pine nuts
4 TBS of Olive Oil
1 tsp of salt

*Blend the above ingredients in a food processor until smooth.

C. 1 cup of diced ripe tomatoes

Mix A, B and C in a bowl and serve! If you love cilantro, you would LOVE this creamy and flavorful rice.

Braised Rabbit with Apple and Mustard sauce
Place the following ingredients in a pressure cooker

1 Whole rabbit chopped up or 8-10 pieces of skinless dark meat chicken
1 cup of chicken stock
1 cup of white wine
3 TBS of whole-grain mustard or mustard with seeds
1 apple ( Jonas Gold if you have), grated
1/2 red or white onion, grated
2 bay leaves
10 whole white peppercorn or 1/2 tsp of white pepper
1 1/4 TBS of salt

Cook the above ingredients for 30min. in a pressure cooker.
Take the rabbit meat out of the pot (leave the sauce in the pot) and set a side.
Add 1TBS of flour in to the pot with sauce and whisk and cook until it gets thick and white flour clumps are gone.
Pour the sauce over the rabbit and you are done!
This dish was YUMMMY~ If you don’t have access to fresh rabbit meat, I’m sure chicken would work too. Just make sure to take the skin off, since it will make the whole thing too greasy.