Salmon meatball Sandwich

by missbabysunshine

I got home around 7:45pm tonight… so I decided to make something quick. Sandwich! Salmon meat ball sandwich topped with cucumber yogurt sauce and red onion relish. And for some reason… we ended up eating dinner around 8:45pm… I guess it wasn’t so quick after all. haha.. ok, I’m done for tonight. (Recipe below)
This is me & my cat Uni, blogging from my couch. Tired and ready for the weekend. Oh, and Uni is ready in his pin stripe shirt for tomorrow’s Yankees parade! 🙂
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Salmon Meatball Sandwich topped with Yogurt Cucumber sauce and red onion relish

Salmon Meatball

A. caramelized onion
1 diced (1/4 inch squares) white onions
1 ½ TBS of worcestershire sauce
½ tsp Salt

•In a pan, caramelize the onion mixture above. Set it a side to take the heat off.

B. Salmon meatball mixture
2 cans of 6.5oz salmon
1 egg white
1 tbsp corn starch
1/2 cup of silken tofu
1 TBS Mayo
1 TBS Mustard with seeds
½ tsp salt
1 bunch of finely chopped scallions

• Mix the above ingredients in a bowl and add A. to it also. Form the mixture in the shape of a meatball. Lightly coat your hand with flour while making the meatballs to avoid sticking to your hands
•In a stir frying pan, (using little oil if necessary) cook the meatball gently with medium heat until the exterior is nice and crisp.

Yogurt Cucumber sauce
½ cup of grated cucumber ( I use asian or English cucumber with skin on)
1 7 oz. package of 0% Greek Yogurt
1 tsp olive oil
1/2 tsp salt
1 pinch of black pepper

Red Onion relish

2 med. red onions thinly sliced
½ cup rice wine vinegar or sushi vinegar

blanch the sliced oinons in boiling water for a minute. Strain the onions. Refresh it after by dunking the onions in cold or ice water. When onions are cooled, strain the excess water well and soak it in the vinegar for 15-20 min. Squeeze the excess moisture out when serving.

Assemble the above ingredients on the bread of your choice (I used fresh baguette). I dressed it with halved grape tomatoes and arugula. ENJOY!