Discovering Pork Tenderloin

by missbabysunshine

This is my first time making a dish out of pork tenderloin. I always thought they were too dry… I guess I never had good ones. They are lower in fat and cholesterol… so I thought I give it a try. Especially, tonight is the last night Jordi will be staying with us. (sniff sniff) I wanted to make something Jordi likes… and I can’t disregard PORK! 🙂 He also likes Kabocha pumpkin, so for tonight’s last supper~ I made Ground Sesame crusted pork tenderloin with side of yuzu pepper, smashed Kabocha pumpkin with sour cream & Brussel sprouts with diced walnuts and shallot. This meal was a success! It was voted as ALL of our favorites!