Lucky Wife!

by missbabysunshine

We are slowly getting back in to our normal daily routine. Even though all the weddings are done for the year and all our lovely visitors are gone, it’s hard to eat healthy during this time of the year with so many parties and dinners. As much as we love to eat out, I’m trying to cook as much as I can when we are home.

And guess what!! Monday night, I’m super tired coming back from work and not in the mood to prepare dinner. It’s the worst feeling when I’m circling through the TO GO menus I have at home in my head. (Usually, I can’t decide ’cause nothing sound too appetizing.) But I didn’t have to cook!! My  awesome husband was waiting for me at home with dinner he prepared for me! He made tomato and tuna rigatoni for dinner and it was SUPER! What a lucky wife I am! 🙂

Here are some other dishes I made during the week. We invited Jordi over for our Hump day dinner on Wednesday night. It was nice to have him back for dinner 🙂 I made Yuzu Miso marinated Salmon with kabocha pumpkin/cucumber salad and daikon raddish salad.

For tonight, I made crab, avocado, and cucumber sushi rolls with grilled asparagus and Miso Soup. YUM YUM!