Surprise Catch

by missbabysunshine

My husband and I drove to New Orleans for an over night trip from Pensacola, Florida. ( I will update on this one later…) Meanwhile, my father-in-law kept on fishing at his usual spot. When we returned from our 2 day adventure, my father-in-law told us that he caught few small sheep heads and bonito!! I was THRILLED to hear this catch of the day!! He said he caught 4 bonitos and gave 3 away ’cause he didn’t know how to prepare them. This fish has slightly reddish darker flesh and need to be prepped slightly different from the other fish he’s been catching. So I decided to prepare them 2 different ways. One version is slightly marinated with soy sauce and mirin. The other, I chopped it up and flavored it with scallions, grated ginger, soy sauce and sesame oil and topped it with dried seaweed. It was SO delicious!! What a treat it was for us to encounter this catch. The season for this fish is limited and we just HAPPENED to be here when he caught them. My father-in-law almost regretted giving these fish away! LOL… but bonito is best eaten fresh so it was probably for the best to share them with others 🙂 Cheers to Pensacola, Florida!