Tamales, Tamales & Tamales

by missbabysunshine

I always thought Tamales are dried brick of corn flours with not much flavor and filling. yuk… until I got a chance to try the REAL homemade Tamales. My friend’s mom made them from scratch and it was DELICIOUS! He is Mexican American who grew up in Texas and supposedly, his mom makes them every year for the holidays. So I decided to give it a try this year.

When you make Tamales, you make whole lotta them… since my sister-in-law just gave birth and we have a group snowboarding trip coming up, I thought it’ll be a great opportunity for me to make these so I can give it out. OH MY GOSH, this process took so long!! It took me two days! Total of 10hrs! yikes. First 4hrs is mainly slow cooking the meat of choice. I braised pork shoulder and whole chicken for the Tamales fillings until they fell a part. Than you make the Tamales mixture and finally you wrap the ingredients with re-hydrated dried corn husks. 200 of them!!! Yeah, no wonder my friend’s mom makes them once a year during the holiday season when family and friends are around. It helps to have people helping you… cause after making 200 tamales, I was DONE… I didn’t wanna see another Tamales for a while. Although, my Mexican food loving husband ate like 6 of them already. hahaha, and he LOVES them. So I suppose this was a success. So, if you wanna try my homemade Tamales, come over people!!

I used the following link as a guide for my tamales.