I ♥ Nutella and GOOOOO Saints!

by missbabysunshine

I’ve always liked Nutella… but I remembered HOW MUCH I liked it, after having it during our Vermont snowboarding trip. So here’s our Saturday breakfast. Nutella and banana on the sliced french bread and cheddar cheese and egg beater omelet on the sliced french bread. I brewed the coffee but made warm foamy non-fat milk and ta dah~~~ Yummy breakfast!

So, Sunday Night Football!! I’m rooting for the Saints right now and I’m nervous. We had few people over tonight and had dinner together. Pre-Super Bowl? kk.. If Saints win, I’m making New Orleans favorites galore dinner. Seafood Gumbo, Po’ Boy, collard greens, rice and beans… and I’m adding bison burger on top of it.

Here’s tonight’s dinner menu: Roasted beets salad with feta cheese, spinach & garlic rice, Simmered Kale with Venison Sausage and potatoes, Umeboshi marinated skewered Chicken, Mussels Red Thai Curry and Yuzu Miso Marinated Salmon.