What is Capon?

by missbabysunshine

The other day, my husband and I went to a butcher to get some game meat. Meat such as buffalos, ostriches and rabbits are healthier because they are lower in fat & cholesterol with more nutrients than some more common meats we consume everyday. Anyway, my husband discovered Capon. What is Capon?….. I love the name, Capon. kk… (Here’s more info on wikipedia) It’s basically a rooster that is prized for it’s tenderness. So, to make it even better! I brined the whole Capon for 8hrs or so and roasted them in the oven with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, maple syrup and some salt & pepper. OH MY! it’s a rooster… so imagine chicken.. but so much more juicier!! I wonder why it’s not sold everywhere?  I also made secret spicy green sauce… kk… it’s a secret 🙂 unless you ask me for it. hahaha.

My husband goes out once a week to play poker with his buddies… and tonight was that night. So~ I had alone dinner tonight. This is the time where I eat quick (to make) and easy meals… oh and not to mention my favorites! haha… Tonight, I had avocado & baby arugula salad with ginger scallion sauce with rice. SO simple yet sooo good. (Oh, and black and red stuff on the side is Japanese pickled seaweed and Korean spicy marinated raw squid. I didn’t make them. ) I LUV Avocados and best part is that I didn’t really spend time cooking. haha.

One more work day to go~