by missbabysunshine

It’s been snowing for almost 12 hrs now!! I love snow day! It’s beautiful out there but it’s not so fun to shovel up so often. It felt like Christmas morning finding out that almost everyone’s home sleeping in. ๐Ÿ™‚ or shoveling powder snow off their drive ways.

Last night, I decided to make clam chowder for today’s snow day. I got fresh 2 dozen Cherry Stone Clams and steamed it with white wine and garlic. I diced the Cherry Stone Clams and used the real clam juice/white wine sauce that was extracted during steaming.

Here’s the perfect hearty soup for the beautiful snow day!

Oh Yeah, this is how it looked after our 3rd shoveling. Yes, that wall of snow is taller than me AND it’s still coming down!