My 33rd Birthday

by missbabysunshine

Birthday comes around every year for everyone, but it’s nice to get that smile or birthday calls. Thank you so much everyone for such kind wishes! 🙂 My family never exchanged gifts or threw parties… but the birthday person always got to choose WHATEVER they wanted for that night’s dinner. What a treat right? I remember one year, I wanted KFC’s fried chicken for my birthday. The next year, I wanted my mom’s homemade casserole. They are both equally special memories.

As for my birthday this year, my husband took me to Daniel . This is a restaurant he took me last year and I wanted to go back there again, so I chose this place. The meal was as fantastic as I remembered and what a romantic evening it was. Mille Grazie! to my love.  Here are some photos.

And to top off my weekend, few of my friends and I went to Killington, VT for snowboarding. Here are some photos from our short get-a-way trip. Check out the photo on the top right! 3 of us had Red, White and Blue pants on!! We represented USA, celebrating the Vancouver Winter Olympics!! (Not planned at all of course… haha) Go Team Olympia! My friend Irish, found this place called JAX where they had $1 CORN DOGS during Happy Hours. I LOVE Corn Dogs. On the bottom right photo you’ll also see FANTASTIC Baked Homemade Empanadas which they sold on the Killington Mountain. If you ski or snowboard and heading to Killington, VT, it’s a MUST try!! Go look for it on the slopes. Anyway, as you can tell, I ate WAY much more than I should have this weekend. Back to healthy home cooking!