by missbabysunshine

The tri-state area got hit with SERIOUS amount of snow… they called it Snowicane?!?!? Thank goodness our friend Sammy went back to California in nick of time. If he left half a day later, he would’ve been stuck for the whole weekend. He stayed at our place night before and I made rabbit braised in red wine and cauliflower soup. This cauliflower soup was a hit! It was easy, healthy and yummy!

The next day, it started snowing… It just did NOT stop snowing! It was like winter wonderland. (Except for the part where we had to shovel. haha) Next morning, all the buses were suspended in my area. Snow day for me! Yey! The top photo is my shoveling job. I was so proud of it until it was COVERED with snow an hour later! The lower right corner is our cat Uni on our new kitchen FLOR rug.

Since I am snowed in on Friday, I decided to utilize my time and make Cha-Shu Bao (pork buns) from scratch! I love pork buns… and this inspiration came from this site called Baohous. Never been there and never tasted their Cha-Shu Baos… but figured I’ll make my own first. It turned out FANTASTIC! Time consuming… but TOTALLY worth it. I also made a sweet version with stuffed red beans. YUM YUM! Yey to the Snowicane!