North West Trip/Mt. Baker

by missbabysunshine

I was hoping to upload the continuation of our North West trip earlier but Oh My Gosh!! Tri-state area got BEATEN down with crazy No-Name Hurricane. First the snowicane… and then the No-Name Hurricane?!?!?!? Seriously, I think mother earth is PMSing.

We had no power for 4 days, our basement flooded, our corals and fish in the aquarium died, the hot water was gone and I got sick from sleeping in the brick cold house with no heat. AND we didn’t have it that bad. Every other block in our neighborhood was blocked with fallen trees. Some trees fell on people’s houses. Few people died walking on the street from falling trees!! Thank goodness the storm is gone… I am very thankful for this modern peaceful life. 🙂 Except our house still looks like a refugee camp inside from all the craziness.

So, back to my North West trip…
We spent 2 days snowboarding in Mt. Baker with our friends Daren & Kimmie. They are fairly new to this snowboarding thing but they picked it up FAST!! I was pretty impressed!! The first night, we brought up some Washington State oysters and my husband, the master shucker cracked it open. What a treat it was!