Sunday Baking & Monday Dinner

by missbabysunshine

After the crazy storm and 4 days of power outage, we had nothing in our fridge for a while. I cooked less from being too tired from cleaning the mess but we were also getting tired of ordering food in. So I baked 3 different types of bread. Steamed pork buns, Chicken salad sandwich bun, & Ham & Cheese rolls. These are great to stock it up in the freezer as an emergency food.

For Monday night dinner, I asked my husband to pick me up some porgy and swiss chard. I made swiss chard two ways. Stems were blanched and cooked with Porgy & leaves were baked with potato as a casserole. As usual, I used non-fat milk for the casserole and omitted cheese… mainly cause we didn’t have any in the fridge. Which actually turned out better since it was healthier yet still tasty. Oh, and fresh strawberries for dessert 🙂