First hike of the year! Bear Mountain, N.Y.

by missbabysunshine

My husband, our friend Joannie and I decided to head out to Bear Mountain for half-day hike. The weather is just beautiful but it’s still slightly cold. Which makes it a PERFECT day to cook ramen noodles out doors!
Joannie brought some ramen noodles, which she purchased from:


This site offers varieties of ramen noodles which might not be accessible in some locations. And if you order them soon, put “myninja” on the promo code, you’ll get 10% discount!!! I’m looking forward to cooking up some more ramen noodles up on the mountain. I think next time, I’m gonna try the healthier version of the ramen noodles. (Isn’t it amazing they carry the “healthy” options of Ramen noodles!?!?!)

Sandwich is great and easy hiking food. But after few hours of hiking, there’s nothing like warm noodle soup up on top of a mountain!!! maybe i’ll get ambitious one of these days and make pasta! haha. Although, …ramens aren’t the most healthiest choice of food. So as you can see in the photos, I added some fresh mushrooms and bunch of spinach to the pot. I packed vegis that were easy to carry and nutritious and brought some roasted unsalted nuts and fruits for snack.

Here’s the video of our hike, edited by our friend.
Bear Mountain Hike – March 27, 2010
from jdubbyya on Vimeo.