Ya Mon!

by missbabysunshine

I’m back from Jamaica!
My cooking blog is slowly turning in to a travel blog… I promise I will get back to cooking! After tasting many JERK CHICKEN & PORK in Jamaica, I’m inspired to make “Jerk” dish. I’m thinking Jerk Capone Tamales. JerkMex Italian style? haha…

Here are some of the highlights of our vacation in Jamaica, besides the wedding of course. (I haven’t had a chance to ask for a permission to use their photos…so I will not post any wedding photos)

Top: Beautiful Sunrise view from our balcony at RIU hotel in Ocho Rios, Jamaica; Lower Left: Pool side; Lower Right: LARGE Paella and the chef

Fruit Stand on the way to Kingston from Ocho Rios where we purchased the delicious mangos and soursap

Top: Blue Mountain Coffee Farm (Banana trees are planted also to create shades); Lower Left: Banana tree; Lower Right: Coffee bean tree

Left: In front of Sweet Spice Restaurant in Negril, Jamaica. This is where I had my favorite meal of the trip; Top Right: Coconut tree; Lower Right: Delicious fruits we purchased from the fruit stand guy

Took this photo on my last day in Jamaica. 5 am sunrise from our balcony.

Beautiful wedding, Fantastic old & new friends, Scrumptious Food, Amazing beaches, Best Coffee EVER!, Lovely Locals and Mesmerizing sea life! I can’t even begin to describe how much I enjoyed this trip. LOVING life!