Italy Trip: First stop, Milan

by missbabysunshine

I’m still feeling the Jamaica trip withrawal… and yet I’m already on the way to Italy.
This time, it’s our honeymoon. We will be visiting Milan, Parma, Bologna, Siena, Firenze and Roma. I’m hoping to update my blog as I go. Here’s my first picture of the trip: unappetizing plane food after 3hrs of delay.

Now, I’m officially in Milan… and here’s our first meal. I loved all my dishes but my husband’s main course was not so appetizing. His fish was fresh and cooked perfectly but the strong alcohol flavored sauce killed the dish. Poor guy finished it with almost tears in his eyes…(Not shown in the photo) On the other hand, my Bottarga (salted mullet roe) and baby squid pasta was FANTASTIC! bottarga has acquired taste so it’s not for everyone. This dish is hard to find in U.S. so I enjoyed it very much.

Next morning, we woke up early to check out the market in the city. It’s a GREAT way to find out what’s in season and what locals eat. I HEART fava beans!

and check out these marzipans!!! almost too pretty to eat!

after a cup of espresso at a bar, we walked to Duomo di Milano. (Cathedral in Milan) I was speechless…

Milan kinda reminded me of 5th avenue of NY with the exceptions of cool markets and AMAZING Duomo. We had our lunch at Armani Cafe and took the Metro back to our hotel. Off we go to Bologna~