Next stop, Bologna

by missbabysunshine

Bologna had some pretty FANTASTIC food and this city was mixture of old and new Italy, young and old crowds, high-end and casual shopping areas. I was told that almost everyone speaks English in Italy. This was not really the case in Bologna, almost no one spoke English… except for the employees at our hotel. Which was great ’cause we got to learn some Italian through asking directions and ordering food. I had the most fantastic tagliatelle Bolognese, pannacotta & porcini & truffle salad. We walked around so much to burn all the calories consumed… and I seriously need to get in to work out mode once I get back. But yeah, no wonder some people call Bologna, FAT Bologna cause the food is RICH and hearty but absolutely irresistable!

Here are the pics from our dinner on the first night.

Piazza in Bologna was smaller than Milan but it was more casual where everyone was sitting around on the steps and enjoying the beautiful day.

The side street markets were AMAZING!!!!!! LOVED it so much and wished we were staying at a place with a kitchen.

Our last night dinner was pretty damn good. Although, we came to a conclusion that these photos don’t do justice.