by missbabysunshine

I drove into Siena and realized immediately that driving there is NOT fun. The roads are SO narrow that only one car can go through at a time in some roads and pedestrians and bikers are also going through the same narrow streets. Oh, and these Italians don’t believe in slowing down I think… Since our Car Rental place decided to disregard our online reservation for our GPS…. imagine ME driving through Italy in a tiny car with my husband navigating via map & compass… So old school and yeah, WE were lost. Thank goodness to my “When in Rome (Siena), Just ASK!” attitude and my husband’s great map knowledge. kk… we figured our way. Oh, by the way, most people in Siena spoke Italian ONLY and I only knew “few” words in Italian. Thank goodness for my 5 yrs of Spanish classes and gesturing skills with smile! I was able to (surprisingly) get by! Here are some photos in Beautiful charming Siena!

Our first night dinner in Siena at Trattoria. The top left corner is a picture of traditional Tuscany tripe dish. ABSOLUTELY delicious~ top right image is also famous Tuscan Grilled Vegi dish.

It was rainy in Siena when we arrived but Duomo was still absolutely stunning!

We decided to “glaze” through the city and picked up some delicious porchetta (Italian fatty pork roast), cheese, fava beans, bread, fruits, wine and desserts for in-room picnic at our hotel. Drizzly day in Siena but with a view from our hotel and fantastic local products, our comfort food picnic was a success!

Campo in Siena~ I’m doing the happy dance in the center!