I heart Caffé

by missbabysunshine

Our Italy honeymoon is over and I’m back in the States. After Siena, we went to Firenze and Roma. So, I have more photos to post but I wanted to post these first.

Here’s the photo of all the espresso, mochaccino & cappuccino I had in Italy at the Bar. In Italy, if you drink your coffee at a bar, it’s half the price!!! so instead of paying 3 euros for an espresso at a table, it’s 1.5 euro at a bar! and Check this out!! The VERY last mochaccino I had at a bar had a heart in it!!(The bottom right corner.) What a fantastic ending to our amazing trip!

First dinner I made after returning from Italy was a rice dish. I was craving rice dish so I made mabo- tofu and fresh tomato, fennel & arugula salad using the amazing olive oil and balsamic vinegar we brought back from Italy.