Discovering Firenze!

by missbabysunshine

Tuscany is known for amazing cuisine! Everyone talks about how GREAT Italian food is and that I would LOVE it. Honestly, after hearing this OVER and OVER, I was skeptical. My expectation has sky rocketed and I was ready for a let down. OH~ How wrong I was. Italians KNOW their food and they are proud of their cuisine. It’s spectacular!! We could have easily went out to restaurants but we wanted to try the food locals eat first.

Here are the pics. Top left is piadina wrap (we call it kabab in the states)! This street food uses not pita but Italian wrap similar to pita called piadina.  OMG, they are so good! Bottom photos are Lampredotto joint called Nerbone from Mercato Central. 3 Euros for this amazing peasant food!

Mercato Central in Firenze: Amazing market where you can get lots of local food!

Mercato Central: Dried porchini mushrooms and local vegetables.

In-room picnic with food from Mercato Central

Ponte Vecchio. I’m listening to my Iphone because we downloaded Rick Steven’s free Renaissance tour, which I totally recommend doing!