Last Night in Firenze

by missbabysunshine

I’ve always enjoyed cooking but I never had an opportunity to take a cooking class. So, my husband decided this would be a great opportunity for us to learn Tuscan style home cooking in Italy! How exciting right? We were to meet a local home cook at her house and learn how to make true Italian food! UNFORTUNATELY, there were some misunderstandings and our reservation didn’t go through… sigh~ so the agency sent us to some 20 ppl cooking class. I was not thrilled about this situation. I wanted the local at home experience and not a mass “how to cook” class. But we made the best out of it after all and met a cute newly engaged couple from Australia (their reservation also didn’t go through like ours). We had to laugh about our situation and had a great night after all.

The pictures on the left are from the cooking class and on the right is a view of Palazzo Vecchio from our hotel room.

Top image is a display of the rose and violet confection. Bottom left is a sign of my favorite panini joint in Firenze.

Our lunch at some random joint. Honestly, wherever we went, the food was yummy.

View from Piazelle Michelangelo. We brought 1/2 bottle Chianti wine and piccolino cheese while we observed the sunset. Amazing way to end our Firenze trip!

View of the city of Firenze