Perfecting my lasagna

by missbabysunshine

Ok, so this is the third time I made lasagna since I visited Italy. I think I have my basic recipe set! The key is the lasagna noodles. I make them thin from scratch. It does take longer to make but it’s totally worth it! We received an ostrich egg as a thank you gift from my sister-in-law. So I decided to use them for my lasagna noodles instead of chicken eggs. We invited my husband’s poker friends for a night of lasagna & poker. This way, we won’t end up eating too much of it.

Check out the size of the egg! It’s 3 times larger than our cat’s head. 1 ostrich egg is equivalent of 24 chicken eggs.

Here’s my homemade lasagna & cucumber salad, which was a hit!

This is our last night’s dinner. From top left, (clockwise) Braised callaloo, small fingering potatoes, pesto pan fried scallops and jambalaya. This dinner was a result of using left over ingredients from Jamaican BBQ we had.

Also, few days earlier, I made shumai.