Making Jam

by missbabysunshine

I made Mango & Ginger jam and Strawberry & Blackberry Jam. I saved the fruits from spoiling away and it was yummy~

We were supposed to have 7 of our friends join us for Bear Mountain hiking, but because of the “Hot Weather Advisory” no one made it but us. It’s never as hot as everyone assumes up in the mountain because of the shades and the breeze. Non the less, we had a great hiking weekend again and visited beautiful Lake Sabago for the first time and found cool shelters!

With my jerk sauce, I made jerk pork and stir fried callaloo.

The other day, I made fresh shiso pasta with shiso leaves we harvested on our porch. This is a dish I came up with for our friend’s upcoming baby shower. Fresh shiso egg pasta asian style! I hope they like it.