Japanese food Catering

by missbabysunshine

My friend is 9 months pregnant and her and her husband had a pre-baby party at their beautiful lower east side apartment yesterday. I took this opportunity to focus on Japanese food to celebrate the soon to be mom’s nationality.  Since I was preparing the food, I didn’t get to take all the photos… but here are some photos from the party taken by my husband. This was my first time cooking for 40-45 people by myself.  But things went pretty smooth and everyone seemed very happy with it! Congrats to the lovely parents to be and can’t wait to meet the little one~!

Look at my beautiful pregnant friend!

Top left: Inari sushi with edamame. Top right:  Seaweed salad in gelatin form. Bottom left: watercress ohitashi with sesame sauce. Bottom right: simmered eggplants

Top left: Home-made shiso pasta. Top right: Slow cooked pork belly bites with pickled radish. Bottom left: Soy pickled eggs. Bottom right: Me, finishing the food prep