Lobster, Lobster and MORE Lobster!

by missbabysunshine

Our plan this weekend was to go hiking… but we got an offer we couldn’t resist. Lobster in Maine!!! 6 hr drive didn’t seem so bad with such great company. Lobster roll, lobster carpaccio, lobster roll and lobster bisque! Oh and Maine’s famous fresh wild blueberry pie to top it off !!! YUMMMM~

Hands down the best lobster roll I’ve ever had at Red’s Eats! They should call it lobster on a roll cause look at it, you can’t even see the roll!! and bakery across the street had such dreamy blue berry pie.

As if we didn’t have enough lobster, we went to this Japanese joint called Miyake and had lobster carpaccio and fresh sea urchin!

Next day, we headed off to a port where they catch/cook fresh lobsters.

I don’t think bigger is better. I actually like small lobsters. They are sweeter and tastier.

and in downtown, we found a sad lobster walking around… kk and one of the store we randomly walked in to had free balsamic vinegar and olive oil tasting.

Maine, WHAT a beautiful place!