My Inspiration

by missbabysunshine

I believe cooking is inspiring and it brings comfort, warmth and love among people. But today, I wanted to introduce something else.

During my Napa trip, I encountered these words of inspiration. “Ne Cede Malis”. It means “Never give in to misfortune”, in Latin. I personally think I am very fortunate to have such amazing family and friends in my life. But there are those moments & situations that sneak up from behind… and for those moments of weakness, I decided to always remember these words, “Ne Cede Malis”.

Also, I wanted to introduce my friend named My, who is a living inspiration to me. I wanted to share something she wrote for American Cancer Association fundraising walk.

Last year when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my mind and body went through a whirlwind of change. Words could not describe the roller-coaster of emotions that I went through with coping with my now reality. Like all cancer patients, I went through the “why me?” phase and questioned what I did to deserve this awful curve ball in my life. I mean, I wasn’t suppose to get cancer! I practiced yoga 3x a week, played tennis on sunny days, and rode my bicycle at every chance that I could get. I ate with a conscience and never put toxins in my body, yet somehow, I still managed to win the cancer lottery. Life just didn’t seem fair. But I only allowed myself a 20 minute pity party and chose to fight with a smile and appreciation to the very end. Alas, I sustained 3 surgeries, 12 chemo sessions, and 6 weeks of radiation and am now on the road to recovery! 😀

I decided from day 1 that I would look at the positives of being inflicted with cancer and never look back. As cliché as this may sound, the “big C” made me gain a deeper appreciation for life and it served as a gentle reminder of how precious life really is. I watched my friends and family come together and felt fortunate to be surrounded by so much love and support. I couldn’t ask for more.

My sisters and friends raised over $15,000 in my honor as they made a stand against breast cancer. As I watched and cheered them on from the sidelines, I made a personal commitment that I would one day pay it forward. Now that I’m gaining my energy back, I’m “making strides against breast cancer” and participating in the American Cancer Society’s walk on October 3. That leaves me with less than a month to raise my goal of $2,000.

I look to you to help me achieve this goal. Whatever donation you can afford would be greatly appreciated. I know times are tough, but I ask that you reach deep in your pockets and help to fight back. I did and know that with everyone’s help, we can one day live in a cancer-free world.

With love, My”

Text & Photo was taken from her fundraising link

The thing she doesn’t realize is… that her friends and family came together because she inspired us deeply. Thank you My for being who you are and your quiet and beautiful smile and strength will continue to pay itself forward. You are truly my inspiration.