Eating fish everyday!

by missbabysunshine

I’m in Navarre Beach, FL right now visiting my father in law. It is pretty cold down here. Since we are right on the beach, this morning was 27 degrees! THAT’s pretty cold for Florida. Even the locals asked me what I was doing here during this cold season. haha… My FIL, my husband and I go fishing every day bundled up and as crazy as it sounds, I LOVE the fish we catch during this season. So far, we caught pompano, bonito & whiting. So yes, I’ve been fishing, cooking and eating fish every day! Here are some photos.

Pompano stuffed with Chinese sausage stuffing topped with persimmon salsa.

The oil spill news was horrific… but look how beautiful Navarre beach is! We even saw few sting rays swimming in the water.

We caught more but brought back 4 of these beauties for our dinner tonight and gave away the rest. I asked my FIL to let me scale, clean and fillet all these fish. Great opportunity to practice my knife skills.

Here’s my beer battered Whiting. Catch of the Day!! Literally, few hours before we had them for dinner! AMAZING!