Jerk Pork Shoulder and Holiday Cookies

by missbabysunshine

Few people have been asking me for my Jerk Pork Shoulder recipes… So here it is!

Miss B’s Slow Roasted Jerk Pork Shoulder
(This recipe takes 2 days to make, feeds 6-8 people)

Brine Mixture Ingredients & Recipe (Day 1)
(You will need a large brine bag or large pot to submerge the pork to brine)
1 cup of Sugar
1 cup of Salt
4 cups of Hot Water
4 cups of ice
4 cups of cold water
2 bay leaves
20 white whole peppercorns
6.5-7lb Pork Shoulder or Butt with Fat layer on it. (You can also get skin on and remove the tough skin off on your own.)

1. In a large bowl, place salt & sugar and add hot water until they are completely dissolved
2. Add ice & cold water to chill the mixture
3. Add bay leaves & white peppercorns
4. In a large brine bag or large pot, place the brine mixture you just made & pork and brine it in the fridge for 12 hours

Jerk Pork Ingredients & Recipe (Day 2)
(For this recipe, I recommend using dutch oven for best results)
1 cooking twine or string
1 Tbsp Vegetable oil
1/3 cup of  Miss Baby Sunshine’s Jerk Sauce

1. Take the pork out of the brine and pat dry. Pre-heat the oven to 300 degrees.
2. Tie the pork using cooking twine or string. This will keep the shape of the pork shoulder and cook evenly. (See the photo on top left corner. For sample video go to this link.)
3. Heat 1 Tbsp vegetable oil in your dutch oven and sear the pork. (See the photo on top right corner.  I use 5 1/2 quart  Le Creuset Round oven There are newer models you might want to look into)
4. Turn the heat off and smother about 1/3 cup of Miss Baby Sunshine’s Jerk Sauce all over (See the photo on lower left)
5. Close the lid and place the dutch oven in the 275 degrees oven for 3.5 to 4 hrs. (See the photo on lower right)
6. Take the  pork out from the oven and rest it for 15 min. or so and remove the string before serving. Serve the pork with Miss Baby Sunshine’s Jerk Sauce on the side. ENJOY!

This weekend, I had a serious all day baking session!

Christmas is right around the corner and in the spirit of giving, my friend Karis and I baked sweets to give it to a Good Will Rescue Mission Inc. in Newark, NJ. We initially wanted to bake for children in need… since we both agreed that helping out children is where our heart was. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy to find!?!?!? Karis being the angel that she is, she still invited me to join her in baking for the closest shelter we can find.
It was a nice Christmas experience!