Cheap & Hearty Dinner

by missbabysunshine

Every few weeks, we stop by at Stew Leonards. One of my favorite grocery store! Their dairy and meat section is fresh and priced very reasonable. While I was there over the weekend, we found 2 turkey drum stick for $1.85!!!! Fresh from the farm, no hormones, no antibiotics and no additives. And this drumstick turned in to Turkey with Red wine stew. LOVED it! and thanks to my pressure cooker, I finished making it in just a bit over an hour.

and for our dinner tonight, I made lamb (again, from Stew Leonards) with kabocha pumpkin puree, simmered kale and yogurt cucumber and avocado salad. I placed the jerk sauce on the side but lamb and jerk… didn’t mix too well. I say stick with chicken, pork and white fish for my jerk sauce.