Nontraditional 4th of July Grilling

by missbabysunshine

Happy 4th of July!! To start off my 3 day weekend, we had Hama Hama oyster from gilttaste for Friday dinner. It was phenomenal! and probably one of the best Hama Hama oysters I’ve ever had!

… and for pre-July 4th BBQ party,  I got some sample Game meats from my work and cooked it up for my friends to try. Here are some of the meats: Mustard and Pear Rabbit stew with white wine (Top Left), Jerk Pork Shoulder, (Top Right), and Kangaroo Steak Salad (Bottom).

… and Korean Style (Gochujang) Grilled Alligator (Top) and Red wine Antelope stew (Bottom).

We also had Rib-eye steak by Chris and Lamb Sliders by Will. And you can’t forget the desserts! There were Doughnut plant doughnuts and my friend Muller made Red Velvet cake, Black sesame roll cake, and Black sesame macaroons! AMAZING!!