Squid Fishing in Rhode Island for Memorial Day Weekend

by missbabysunshine

I LOVE fishing… and I’ve been wanting to try squid fishing for a while now. I researched online and found Frances Fleet for this awesome adventure! Here are the photos by Jordi.

Memorial Day Weekend begins!

Birds on the dock

Squid Jig on a fishing pole. No bait… just a jig.

First catch of the night!

Soy & mirin marinade on the boat. I dunked it immediately after catching for some marinated squid sashimi.

Next day brunch at Matunuck Oyster Bar. Fantastic local oysters.

Fresh local oysters for appetizer.

Clam chowder, Lobster roll, and Oysters Rockerfeller.

Large one is the fresh squid and small one is the marinated squid.

Our catch of the night…20 large squid cleaned and ready to be cooked!

Squid #1: Marinated Squid Sashimi

Squid #2: Italian inspired squid tentacles with bread crumbs by Jordi

Squid #3: Grilled squid with salt, pepper & lemon

Squid #4 Rice and Pork Stuffed squid

If anyone likes fishing, I absolutely recommend it! What a great way to spend a weekend.