Thanksgiving 2013

by missbabysunshine

So as I promised, here’s my Thanksgiving post… but unfortunately, I TOTALLY didn’t have time to take pictures. Although, maybe that might be a sign that I was having too much fun to even think about taking pictures. In my mind… food was ok… (I gave myself B- for the effort). It’s not that it was bad… it just wasn’t special enough for me. Argh, I promise whoever joins us next year will get better food! Here are some instagram photos.


prepping away…


Delicious cheese spread… Thanks to Bryce!


One Perfect Bite!


A little peep of our spread… From top to bottom, Pork Shoulder, Willie Bird (Turkey) and Lobster Cocktail.
(Funny how this only shows proteins)


Here’s the leftover sandwich pic. Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!