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Month: May, 2015

Thursday Lunch


Last night, I decided to bake zucchini bread.


so it made it into his lunch. 🙂

Apple sauce, spinach and homemade chicken dumpling egg drop soup, water, zucchini bread, cheese and bananas.

Cheese didn’t make it. He finished it before I even got to place them in his bag. haha…


What’s for lunch?

It’s been busy around my household but one thing I’m doing for sure is cooking. I’ve decided to post lunches I pack for my 27 months old son. Here’s his lunch/snack for the day.


Miso Soup with carrots, zucchini, broccoli stems, tofu & onions, water, apple sauce, 2 egg whites and mini rice balls with simmered enoki mushrooms.

Here are some pointers I try to keep in mind when I pack his lunch:

  • Things he likes
  • Well balanced diet
  • Portion (So he won’t come home hungry)
  • Nothing too complicated to prepare – So I can keep my sanity
  • Does not require use of microwave – I use thermos jar
  • Mostly organic & non-GMO